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O'Higgins - Ó hUigin - d'Eguino

Uí hUigin - Ó hUigin - O'Higgins - Higgins

Bacon and Eggs Nov 2009

Bacon and Eggs by James F. Higgins

Times slip by..and I still wonder..,

just were did they come from

Well DUD..I know an egg's shot out..,

a feathery chicken's bum

Yet while on that Emerald Isle..,

on hi-ways..lanes..and bogs,

While learning about the customs..,

bout Limeys..and some Frogs..,

In all the miles we rolled up..,

and all the times we stayed

I never saw one clucker..,

just the eggs they layed.,

Another mystery..well its port..,

bacon ..chops.. and such

Now to hide them from us tourist..,

Well..thats a little much

So you can see the web's been weaved..,

the game is now afoot

When next I am on that Emerald Isle..,

I plan to find the root.