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O'Higgins - Ó hUigin - d'Eguino

Uí hUigin - Ó hUigin - O'Higgins - Higgins

Next Step - Feb 2010

The Next Step by James F. Higgins

The pipes.. they call to every man..,

    who's ever drawn a breath

In life they bring such happiness..,

    then say farewell in death

But death.. it's such a final word..,

    we know.. it's not the end

Eternity is waiting..,

    with FATHER we will spend

Now man is judged.. by trails in life..,

    and what they left behind

No balance due.. the slate's wiped clean..,

    seek.. and you shall find

Ay.. the pipes they call to all of us..,

    that's dared to take a breath

In life we smile with happiness

    pipes bid farewell in death

                       James F. Higgins