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O'Higgins - Ó hUigin - d'Eguino

Uí hUigin - Ó hUigin - O'Higgins - Higgins

Trade Depression

Trade Depression by Sr. Philipa (Kathleen) Higgins

There is talk of world depression and of falling off in trade

as though poverty is new from some far off planet strayed

But Saint Joseph knew it long ago and struggled with it too

And that is why is patron of poor folk such as you

When he fled to far off Egypt 'twashis task to find some way

To support the Child and to feed them day by day

All too well he knew the weary search for work of any kind

And that sad return at evening when that work he failed to find

He had just begun to settle down and make a living there

When the Angel came and summoned him - no time for thought or prayer-

"Arise" he said "once more and seek your native land anew

For they are dead who sought his life and no one thinks of you"

So he crossed the desert once again and came to his own town

Where the people had forgotten him and looked him up and down

Where another workman had his job and bore him no good will

Was there work for two good carpenters in that village on a hill?

He had to deal with faultfinders who met him with a frown

And with those who took and never paid and those who beat him down

And the "Sorry can't afford it" and the "Thank you, not today"

And "the other man will do the work for half the price you say"

There were days when food was scanty and some days when there was none

For the Gospel never tells us God worked wonders for his Son

So when times were bad they suffered too like the poorest of the poor

And the love of Child and Mother 'twas that helped him to endure

Dear Saint Joseph Friend of Workers now your secret has been told

It was Jesus and His Mother turned your poverty to gold

Please remind us when the work is hard to find and times are bad

We have Jesus and His Morther just as you, Saint Joseph, had

By Mother Philipa (Kathleen) Higgins

Loreto Order, India, 1930s.